Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Windfall -- Our Heroes

(this is a work in progress, as I have forgotten many of the names)

Taru Cleveland the Human Warrior (Riley) -- good with a glaive. Rolls 20s.

Orzul the Dwarven Ranger (Emma) -- favors her longbow. Aims for the throat.

Abdul Alhazred the Elven Warlock (Colin) -- was set on fire by a Kobold. Enjoys blasting enemies with eldritch energies.

Amadis the Human Cleric (Tom) -- the leader. His faith lances enemies with blinding light.

? the Elven Rogue (Kate) -- sneaky, perceptive, highly skilled.

Saya the Elven Wizard (Angela) -- wizards are never early or late, they are always precisely on time.

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