Monday, May 18, 2009

Recap: 5/6

Last time, Windfall were concerned about the massive army surrounding their Tower. And about the magickal seal leaking necrotic energy that reanimated the dead for miles around. The adventurers separated and headed into the city of Briarton to engage in some old-fashioned information gathering.

Rangrim hit the bars. He found that Dwarven miners had been brought in from various mountain towns to install a loch at the river and carve a channel to the Tower. The channel deadends at the shaft dug down to the seal. If the loch is opened, millions of gallons of water will flood through the seal room. Also, some Dwarves were looking for Orzul, hoping to hold her accountable for an accidental death she caused as an adolescent.

Mokshel reported in at her temple. She found that the entire community of faith--every temple and order--had been mobilized to fight the undead that were arising all around Briarton. The temple was full of the wounded. She reported to the elders who heard the story Mokshel told and brought her to see the commander of the Duke's army, Baron Amintor. The baron, a foppish man, was astounded at Mokshel's story and instructed his men to gather the rest of Windfall.

Taru hit the bars near the military academy. She found that the army was worn out from fighting undead and that nosy bards were snooping about looking for stories. Taru overheard the bards talking of the riots out in ArcAngel having been caused by an attack of the Emperor's men, which was a lie and curious.

Didion returned to the magic university where she grew up. The whole school was abuzz with the discovery of the Seal. Students were discussing disertations while all of the experts on otherdimensional seals has been called away by Baron Amintor. The chief expert was Grace Thimbleberry. All reports said he was at the seal. A colleague had seen the seal and said it was too complicated to be merely a containment device.

Guy attempted to find a seal expert amongst the merchants, but all he could find was that the military had bought up many supplies.

The Windfallies met at their dusty, derelict offices to discuss what they'd learned. Their janitor/caretaker, Scrappy, was also on hand to lend his opinion. As they were comparing notes, Mokshel arrived with the Baron's men and everyone was taken to the camp outsode the Tower.

The camp spread far and wide around the Tower. Tents housed thousands of soldiers, craftsmen, minders and workers. At the heart of it, near the shft leading down to the portal was the Baron's war tent. He met the heroes and told them his plan: the Baron planned to open the seal, remove the old seal, and replace it with a newly crafted one. This would happen at 8 am. Windfall would be expected to be on hand at the opening, in case of complications.

The adventurers camped in the disused spider caves next to the seal. They argued for hours over a course of action: should they fight their way out? Should they hide in the tower? Should they wait patiently and break the replacement seal, buying more time? Mokshel grew impatient and ran through a flame wall, only to find the Seal heavily guarded. Mokshel had to run *back* through the flame afterwards.

Around 4 am, Windfall decided to get a few hours shut eye. And then the dream came . . .

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