Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Windfall -- Day Two

(Short version: Killed more kobolds; found gold stash; discovered mysterious frescoes; set off trap and got covered in rats; rescued kobold foreman and convinced him to help)

After a short rest, Abdul and the unnamed Rogue moved back to guard the front door (aka Colin and Kate couldn't make it) while Saya the Elven Wizard (aka Angela) showed up. From the forge room a short hallway lead to another wooden door. Everyone took turns listening, but heard nothing beyond their breathing.

The room next door was darkened, so Saya cast a light spell on Amadis' holy symbol making him glow incredibly brightly. The room was a massive bunk room built to hold a kobold army. The little buggers scurried about in the shadows and leapt out to attack our heroes. Orzul smashed their heads with her hammers and ripped them to pieces with her arrows. Taru slashed at them with her glaive. Amadis burned them with holy faith. And Saya cast sleeping spells and then burned the kobolds alive while they slept.

In the room our heroes found boots of waterwalking. They also found a secret door which Orzul picked open. Inside they found a massive amount of gold, more than they could carry.

Down another hallway our heroes found preserved frescoes showing Dana Briar, Savior of the North, slaying armies of beasts and raising her tower. They also showed Dana dying, her tower collapsing. A third fresco was unclear. It shimmered and showed an ancient Dana handing a key to six hooded figures. As our heroes watched, the fresco faded to gray.

Further down the hallway Orzul narrowly avoided stepping on a trapped flagstone. She did a complicated Dwarven acrobatic leap over it and then stepped on another trap. A tile in the ceiling opened and dropped a swarm of starving rats and the remains of a devoured corpse onto her. Her hammers were no good against the swarm, so Saya stepped up and tried to burn the rats off. That also failed. Taru took the stinkpot she'd scavenged from the dead kobolds and pelted the Dwarf with it. This scared off the rats and made Saya vomit uncontrollably. Orzul wasn't bothered by the smell, she was used to worse.

The rats fled into an adjoining room that contained a makeshift prison. In the prison cells were a somber bespectacled kobold, and three zombies chained to the walls. The zombies had been prisoners who starved to death and returned to live as the undead. The starving rat swarm tore into the zombies but Amadis brought them fresh kobold meat to chew on.

The bespectacled kobold was named Nax, he used to be the leader of the kobold tribe before a wizard came in and enslaved them. He agreed to accompany Windfall Acquisitions and assist them in freeing his people.

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Tom said...

For those not in the know, Abadis is a contraction of Amadis and Badical.