Thursday, September 11, 2008

Windfall -- Day Three

(Short version: Windfall stopped the evil wizard's plan and drove her off. Then took a nap in her library.)

After rescuing Nahks the Kobold Foreman from his cell, Windfall solutions proceeded down the hallways of the collapsed tower. Orzul the Dwarven Ranger crept forward silently and listened at an old oak door. Chanting could be heard loudly. Evil chanting. And if there is one thing Dwarves hate it's evil chanting behind old oak doors.

Orzul burst into the room and was surprised to find the sorceress Didion Greytongue caught mid-ritual floating in the middle of the room, an amorphous mercurial blob spinning wildly over her head. She was wearing her own symbol--a silvered skull--on her chest, was covered in ritual cuts and had shaved her head. Imagine an evil and skinny Janeane Garofalo perhaps. She was ensconced in a magic circle, performing a ritual--Abdul guessed--to create a magical item. The circle was made of magic and severed Orc hands.

Didion was flanked by Kobold Wyrmpriests and a half-dozen minions. Guarding the door that Orzul charged through were two chained fire beetles. Our heroes were outnumbered.

The battle was long fought. Abdul concentrated his dire energies on Didion, weakening her and driving her off. Amadis feared a fire beetle and then turned his lance of faith upon the enemies. Orzul filled every available enemy orifice with arrows. Taru stabbed everything with her glaive. Nahks helped where he could. Beyond some bruises, scorches, baths of flame and acid and a few spears to the gut our heroes emerged unscathed.

Curious Taru tested the mercurial blob that Greytongue was creating with her dagger. The results were unexpected. The silvery substance lifted Taru off the ground and flowed down to her shoulder, devouring her armor. Abdul leapt and caught on to Taru's legs, yanking her free of the grip of the substance but found his own arm coated to the elbow.

Placed about the room were four pillars that each held an extraordinarily powerful magic item. Past tense that is. The items--including the Duke's own Lordly Rod--had been devoured in the process.

Searching the room our heroes found a bag of holding with Graytongue's journal and a treasure map inside.

One Kobold escaped into the final room, but before our heroes chased after they took a few precious seconds for themselves and beheaded and behanded the Kobold corpses. One can never be too careful where zombies are concerned.

The final room was Didion's library and bedchamber. Two more acid-breathed Wyrmpriests and the coward Kobold hid within. The fight was short, brutal and again involved Priests vomiting acid. After this was done, our heroes tossed the room for valuables--finding books of magical rituals--and then napped.

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