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Windfall -- Who are they?

A series of brief bios on the people who make up Windfall.

Taru Cleveland

Human fighter

Mother: Suvi Cleveland
Father: unknown
Siblings: unknown

Taru is tall (almost 6 ft.) and lithe. She has a round face and dark almond-shaped eyes; she wears her blond hair in braids bound with ribbons. Her face is decorated in blue tattoos.

Taru was raised by her mother Suvi, a retired mercenary warrior, in a city in the far north. Her mother trained her to fight, and it's her glaive Taru carries.

When Suvi was killed in an unseasonal blizzard, Taru left home. She is angry over her mother's death and the fact that she can't take revenge for it. For that reason and because she wants to test her skills, she throws herself into any fight.

Taru knows very little about her father, but hopes to find him. She is also fascinated by magic and eager to learn more of the wider world. Like Orzul, she is 18.

Ragnor Grimmson Oreclasper, the Dwarven Fighter

General Motivations:
Making or 'liberating' money, spending money on booze in attempt to forget the loss of his family in a mining accident 15 years ago, for which Ragnor blames himself. This self-blame also manifests as a willingness to enter into battle both due to a subconscious desire to prove his worth and as a form of self-destructive behavior.
Long-Term Goal(s):
Subconsciously seeking a form of redemption for the aforementioned accident - though he claims to lust for glory and wealth without specifying any final goal.
Body Language: Gruff and morose.

Mokshel daughter of Ulmok, priestess of Avandra

General Motivations: Mokshel is disgusted and saddened by the senseless barbarity of her people. From her study of a few ancient orcish artifacts, she believes that the orcs were once an honorable and productive people. She blames the worship of Gruumsh for the orcs' fall into savagery.

Mokshel seeks to learn the wisdom of the ancients. Though surviving physical and oral histories are scarce in orc lands, she hopes more insight about her ancestors can be gleaned from the historical records of the dwarves, elves, and humans.

Mokshel is also dedicated to the study of warfare; one must be able to back words with force to have influence with orcs.

Long-Term Goal(s): Mokshel hopes to return to her people and lead them to a new age of goodness and prosperity.

Body Language: Loud, vigorous, optimistic.

Orzul Dunn, ranger from the city of Quartzkiln
Mother: Rileen Dunn
Father: Forgon Dunn
Sisters, 2, Brothers 4


Orzul is blessed with flame red hair, usually in several braids tied together under her helm. Her helm in the angular style of a piece of ore. A family heirloom, to be sure. Oddly for a dward she has white skin and is extremely freckly. Sort of like Annie, but not lame and ugly. Stands 3'5", tall for her kind.


Orzul left home due to participation in the accidental death of child of a
rival family of her city. She escaped to avoid punishment, and made
out on her own at age 14, already a skilled axe-wielder -- a valued
skill to any dwarf, but especially in her family -- she quickly picked
up archery living in the Mereen Forest where she made her home, hiding
from any dwarf. There she would camp for various lengths of time with
friendly nomad groups of humans and elves and halflings, or in small
towns as safety permitted. Eventually, she had a few strong
friendships with many different forest clans and factions, and grew a
reputation for rangery by carrying out tasks for the forest peoples.

At 18, she had just slain a rabid dire ursa that was terrorizing a
friendly clan. She found herself a tavern close to the edge of the
forest at a minor crossroads to quench her thirst and hunger after the
long, perilous hunt. She sat down at a small empty table and signaled
for a flagon of mead. She nodded at the warrior settled at the next
table, who then introduced herself as Taru...


Long term Goals
Orzul longs to somehow rid herself of the heavy burden of guilt she carries for her
part in the death of her childhood friend, and for forsaking her realm
to save herself.

She yearns to earn salvation of her soul from the Stone God of her home mountain and
Melora so that when she dies she can dwell forever in the Quartz
Cavern of Eternal Light.

Earn as much money as she can to anonymously send back to her family.

Learn to keep and train an animal companion to aid in her adventures.


Though Orzul bears a great burden of guilt for her part in her
childhood trauma, she is lighthearted and gregarious. She cracks jokes
and likes to wrestle with her friends for fun and camaraderie. She
likes a drink, but too much makes her pensive and grumpy, drawing out
the pain of her past. She usually stands guard more than her fair
share while her friends sleep off their wine, but she does not
begrudge them their fun. She has a strong ethical code, and resists
cheating and lying even to an enemy if she can. She likes to cheer and
roar, but her voice is unusually high for a dwarf, so it's never as
menacing as she'd like. Her beard is very beautiful even by dwarven
standards: an extremely fine, downy covering of short, shimmering,
red-gold hairs from her lower lip to her neck, and over her rosy
cheeks. Humans, after balking, usually fall in love with her.

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