Thursday, January 29, 2009

Windfall's notable associates

Sheriff Bounder and his deputies: the Halfling and his staff of humans were responsible for sending Windfall to explore the kobold thieves in the ruins of Briar's Tower.

Didion Greytongue: A strange sorceress who enslaved a tribe of kobold's in the tower ruins. Her army of tiny thieves stole magickal items and alchemical ingredients so that she could create the mercurial solution that offered protection against the Mindsword. When Windfall attacked her, she vanished. [Now a member of Windfall]

Nahks the kobold foreman: Leader of the kobolds under the mountain and servant of a black dragon. Nahks guided Windfall through the ruins but abandoned them when his people were freed.

Traitor priest of Vecna. Ex-leader of Windfall (elected). Served the Master under the Mountain due to the Mindsword's influence.

Volstagg the Voluminous: Also known as "disposable Steve," was a wizard of the Red Temple chained with Mokshel in the torture pits of the Master's temple. The Red Temple has no branches in the province of Thule. It tends to operate in highly-dense population centers and specializes in the legal satisfaction of all vices. Volstagg was killed by giant spiders.

Dana Briar: Settler of Thule. The Civilizing Light. Her of the North. 500 years ago Dana and her associates fought back armies of evil and plugged the shadowrift with her tower. One of her colleagues tricked her and trapped her spirit in the rift's seal. She remained there, watching and waiting, until freed by Windfall.

The Speaker of the Drow: A strange hooded figure who shadow-walked into a locked room to warn Windfall away from the Drow's attack on the Master.

The Seven Civilians: Freed by Windfall from the giant spiders along with Guy. They are a thief, a farmer's daughter, two pilgrims, and three merchants.

The cursed town of Surebrook: sent to the depths by a vengeful Goddess they are damned to turn into plates of irresistible food for preying upon travelers. They were Guy's home town and were world-renowned for their magical devices and weapons. A town of artisans they also have a tavern, a temple, a school, a bazaar and a murderbarn.

Admiral Torniq Gorebag: Pirate lord of a fleet of ships of which the flagship is Justice. An ex-slave, Gorebag sails the midnight seas under the world and preys upon pirates and slavers. His crew is a mishmash of every race and creed and are all freed slaves. He runs a tight ship but shares the profits equally.

Dark Corners Conceal Many Things Including Both Danger And Succor: The Warforged barbarian. Part-robot and part-badass. Loyal to Gorebag.

The Necropolis of Vaash: A city of undead researchers who trade answers for labor. Their stalactite towers hang in the Midnight Sea.

Khel Moonsong: A contact of Gorebag's. Khel manages a tavern in ArcAngel.

Brann "Madbeard" Barleycorn: A devious dwarf who owns half of ArcAngel. He made deals with unholy powers for the strength to fight the Duke's army.

High Priest Vilkata: Slimy, sour leader of the Blue Temple in ArcAngel.

Mayor Paul Fargoh: Former scribe, illegally elected mayor of ArcAngel. [Deceased]

Susan: Windfall's landlord.

Sam Buttmunch of the Briarton Buttmunches: The tool who broke the seal.

Baron Amintor: Leader of the Duke's army. A foppish, clever man. He is enormously fat and dislikes travel immensely.

Duke Yoldi the 13th: The 13th Yoldi to hold the office. The Duke rules the province of Thule strictly but remotely. He spends nearly all his time wrapped in intrigue at the Emperor's court. He taxes harshly but provides for the common defense. He only comes to Briarton every few years.

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