Friday, February 6, 2009

The Gods & Goddesses of Import

Gods of "Good"

* Avandra - Good Goddess of Change, Luck, Commerce and Travel, Patron of Halflings
* Bahamut - Lawful Good God of Justice Protection and Nobility. Patron of Dragonborn
* Corellon - Unaligned God of Beauty, Art, Magic and the Fey. Seasonal God of the Spring and Patron of Eladrin
* Erathis - Unaligned Goddess of Civilization, Inventions and Law
* Ioun - Unaligned Goddess of Knowledge, Skill and Prophecy
* Kord - Unaligned God of Storms, Battle and Strength
* Melora - Unaligned Goddess of Wilderness, Nature and the Sea
* Moradin - Lawful Good God of Family, Community and Creation (As in smithing). Patron of Dwarves
* Pelor - Good God of Sun, Agriculture and Time. Seasonal God of Summer

Neutral Gods

* Raven Queen - Unaligned Goddess of Death, Fate and Doom. Seasonal Goddess of Winter.
* Sehanine - Unaligned Goddess of Illusion, Love and the Moon. Seasonal God of Autumn and Patron of Elves

"Evil" Gods

* Asmodeus - Evil God of Tyranny and Domination. Lord of Devils
* Bane - Evil God of War and Conquest. Revered by Goblins
* Gruumsh - Chaotic Evil God of Slaughter and Destruction. Patron of Orcs
* Lolth - Chaotic Evil Goddess of Shadow and Lies. Patron of Drow and their inseparable companions, the spiders
* Tharizdun - The Elder Elemental Eye, creator of the Abyss
* Tiamat - Evil Goddess of Greed and Envy. Patron of the Chromatic Dragons
* Torog - Evil God of the Underdark. Patron of Jailors and Torturers
* Vecna - Evil God of the Undead and Necromancy. Lord of Secrets
* Zehir - Evil God of Darkness and Poison. Favoured Deity of the Yuan-Ti and Patron of Assassins

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